Gourmet Vegatables

The vegetables we grow change a bit from year, season to season, but here is a sampling from a recent year. Scroll down for a complete list of peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants that we grow every spring. Amounts may vary due to crop failures or germination problems. Please call first if there is something you can’t live without! Want to know just how hot some of your favorites are? Click here to see the Scoville Scale. For descriptions, click on the categories below. Most peppers, tomatoes and eggplants will be ready mid March 2008.
Arkansas Traveler Carolina Gold Matt’s Wild Cherry Sunmaster
Better Boy Cherokee Purple Mortgage Lifter Supersweet 100
Better Bush Eva Purple Ball Mr. Stripey Tasty Evergreen
Big Mama Garden Peach Park’s Whopper Teardrop
Black Krim Green Zebra Persimmon Tommy Toe
Brandywine Ildi Razzleberry Tuscany
Bush Celebrity Juliet Red Cherry Viva Italia
Bush Goliath Lemon Boy Sungold Yellow Pear
Black Beauty Ichiban Louisiana Long Green
Rosa Bianca Orient Express Thai Long Purple
Peppers — Hot / Nuclear
Aji Dulce Cobanero ‘Mayan Love’ Jalapeno, Early Purple Mayan
Anaheim “M” Habanero, Caribbean Red Jalapeno, “M” Scotch Bonnet
Ancho 101 Habanero, Chocolate Brown Lantern Serrano
Cayenne, Long Red Slim Habanero, Orange Kung Pao Thai Bangkok Upright
Cayenne, Purple Long Habanero, White Lemon drop Tobago
Charleston Hot Czechoslovakian Black Pasilla Trinidad
Chinese 5-Color Datil Pequin Yatsafusa
Peppers — Sweet / Warm
Anaheim Chili Gourmet Jimmy Nardello Red Cherry
Aruba Islander Marconi Purple Red Night
California Wonder Italia Pizza Spanish Spice
Cherry Sweet Italian Gourmet Red Belgian Sunray
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