Mouth Watering Tomatoes

Arkansas Traveler Slicing. Medium-sized light red/dark pink tomatoes. Heat tolerant and disease resistant. Excellent flavor. An heirloom favorite.

Better Boy Slicing. Deep red and meaty, up to a pound each. Dense foliage cover, too. Indeterminate. Guinness record holder—342 pounds of fruit from one plant! VFN

Better Bush Slicing. Compact indeterminate vines bear meaty, 5-oz. fruits with extra-sweet flavor. Long harvest period.

Big Mama Plum. Sweet and meaty, these oversized (up to 5″ long and 3″ across) plum-shaped tomatoes will keep you well supplied. Indeterminate.

Black Krim Slicing. Russian heirloom. Named for the island of Krim in the Black Sea. Slightly flattened 4–6″ globes with dark, greenish-black shoulders, that can turn almost black with enough heat and sun. Excellent flavor. Indeterminate.

Brandywine Slicing. Heirloom. This pink-skinned tomato is considered by many to be the best tasting of all. Distinctive potato leaf variety, sometimes tomatoes have a rough shape. This year’s crop is from the Seed Savers Exchange stash, produced from seed inherited from Ben Quisenberry. It is believed to be the original strain introduced in 1889.

Bush Celebrity Slicing. Abundant, large, flavorful fruits on compact plants just 15″ tall. Matures a few days earlier than Celebrity and ripens from the inside out with no green shoulders. Glossy red fruits average 8–9 oz. with that famous Celebrity flavor that balances sugars and acids. Even stronger disease resistance, and an ability to set fruits under many growing conditions. Determinate.

Bush Goliath Slicing. Great for patio gardeners and those with limited space. Unsurpassed by any other bush variety! Its attractive, compact plants grow up to 3-1/2 ft. tall with huge, red, 3–4″ fruits packed with flavorful meat and high sugar content. Bears consistently up to frost and needs little staking. Determinate.

Carolina Gold. Slicing. Extra-large, yellow-gold, deep oblate fruits. Vigorous, medium-tall plants should be staked. Determinate.

Cherokee Purple Slicing. Heirloom. An especially interesting variety. Originally from the Cherokees. Incredible flavor. Very heat tolerant and vigorous. Medium to large, meaty tomatoes with a flattened shape. Color has been described as dusky pink with dark shoulders, purple, and pinkish brown. Interior ranges from purple to brownish red. We grow this in our garden every year.

Eva Purple Ball Slicing. Heirloom from the Black Forest region of Germany. An outstanding performer in hot, humid areas with excellent resistance to foliar and fruit diseases. Produces smooth, round, attractive pink-purple fruits weighing 4 to 5 oz.

Garden Peach Slicing. This 100 year-old heirloom slicing tomato has small fruits (about 2 ounces), with slightly fuzzy yellow skin with a pink blush; resembles a peach.

Green Zebra Slicing. Small to medium tomatoes with various shades of yellow to yellowish-green stripes and a sweet zingy flavor. Plants are vigorous and determinate.

Ildi Yellow. Grape. One of the earliest, highest yielding grape tomatoes. Sweet, tart, and beautiful, they develop in huge clusters. Good staying power after picking. Vigorous indeterminate.

Juliet Grape. Deep red clusters of shiny fruits averaging 2 oz. Delicious, rich tomato taste for great salsa or fresh pasta sauce, salads and sandwiches. Typically 12-18 fruits per cluster. Good crack resistance, vine storage, and shelf life. Good disease resistance. Indeterminate.

Lemon Boy Slicing. Lemon yellow, not golden in color. Large, deep oblate fruits, averaging 6 to 7 oz. Indeterminate. (VFNASt)

Matt’s Wild Cherry. The wild tomato with luscious taste. Amaze your friends with these sweet, full-flavored ½ – ¾” fruits. Grows wild in the Hidalgo region of Mexico. Fantastic in salsa. They are very prolific and keep producing all summer and fall. Vines can reach 10′.

Mortgage Lifter Slicing. From the collection of Ben Quisenberry. Ben bought his original 6 plants from a roadside market in WV. Very large fruits, sometimes double, often misshapen. Outstanding sweet flavor, meaty with few seeds. The Mortgage Lifter was developed by Radiator Charlie (another name for this variety) in Logan, WV. Charlie was a mechanic who lived at the bottom of a steep hill. When large trucks would overheat trying to go up the hill, they had to go see Radiator Charlie for help. The tomatoes he developed by crossing several varieties were so delicious, he was able to sell plants for $1 each in the 1940s! He was able to pay off his mortgage, hence the name.

Mr. Stripey Slicing. Large red and yellow-striped heirloom variety adds color to any gourmet salad or dish. Large, ridge-shouldered fruits are low in acid. Indeterminate.

New Girl Slicing. New Girl is an early variety well worth trying for your first tomatoes of the season. 4-7 oz.fruits hold their ripeness and flavor on the vine well. Better taste & disease resistance than Early Girl. Indeterminate. 62 Days

Parks Whopper Big, juicy, meaty sandwich sized tomatoes appear early and continue until frost on indeterminate vines. Resistant to verticillium wilt (V), fusarium wilt races 1 and 2 (F), nematodes (N), and tobacco mosaic virus (T)

Persimmon. This is the best yellow tomato we have ever tasted. The 1 pound meaty, creamy golden-orange fruits have and an absolutely exquisite flavor. Vigorous, indeterminate vines. 80 days.

Razzleberry Slicing. Medium-sized, dark pink fruits with wonderful, mild flavor. Great texture—never mealy. Determinate.

Red Cherry (Old Fashioned)

Sungold Cherry. Our all-time favorite cherry tomato. Absolutely delicious sweet flavor, very productive, and a gorgeous deep gold color. Some of our vines were over 10 ft!

Sunmaster Slicing. The perfect tomato for hot Southern gardens (that’s us!), with maximum yields when daytime temperatures reach 90–96 degrees F. Fruits average 7 oz., are deeply ovate and uniformly red. Excellent disease resistance. Determinate.

Super Sweet 100 Cherry. Hybrid. Produces long strands of super sweet cherry tomatoes, 1″ in diameter. Plants bear throughout the season, definitely requires staking. (VF)

Tasty Evergreen Slicing. Skin ripens from green to light yellow-brown. Flesh and gel remain green inside when ripe. Luscious and tender, strong sweet flavor. Medium-large fruits, very productive.

Teardrop Grape. Produces small, grape-shaped fruits in large clusters. Fruits are bright red and very sweet. Be sure to support the plants by staking or plant in a cage. Very flavorful. Indeterminate.

Tommy Toe Cherry. Heirloom. Hundreds of apricot-sized fruits per plant; produces over a long season. Won an Australian taste test with 100 heirloom varieties.

Tuscany Plum. Medium-large (about 4 oz), firm plum tomatoes with deep red color. Great salsa tomatoes; also good for drying. Determinate.

Viva Italia Plum. Hybrid. The most disease-resistant paste tomato. Excellent flavor and a blocky pear shape. High yielding. (VFFNASt)

Yellow Pear. Excellent for salads, pizzas, garnishing. 1–2″ pear-shaped fruits are low acid, mild and sweet. Needs a cage, as it can grow to 8 ft.

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