Hot to Nuclear Peppers

Aji Dulce, Mild heat. Looks and tastes like a habañero, but with only a trace of the heat. Ripens to red.

Anaheim “M” Hot,” Produces good yields of 7″ x 1″ wide hot peppers. Ripens from green to red. Excellent fresh, pickled, or fried. Not as hot as other Anaheim varieties.

Ancho 101, Medium hot. Widely used for making chile rellenos and for mole. Known as ‘Poblano’ when fresh, ‘Ancho’ when dried. Large, heart-shaped, dark green fruits ripening to deep red. Hotter when red.

Cayenne, Long Red Slim, Very hot. Pencil-thin, long, pointed peppers. Dries well.

Cayenne, Purple Long, Thin fleshed fruit. Matures from pale yellow to purple to red. 18-24” tall. Ready in mid-season.

Charleston Hot, Very hot. Developed by the USDA at Clemson University in SC to produce a disease and nematode resistant and super hot cayenne chile. The long pods have twice the heat of a typical Cayenne and about one third the heat of a habañero. The pods change color from the very palest green (with some purple smudges) to dozens of shades of orange. This variety is a heavy feeder.

Chinese 5-Color, Very hot. 1 – 1¼” long by 0.5 – 0.75″ wide; matures from purple to cream to yellow to orange to red; upright blunt-nosed pods; tall plant; from China.

Cobanero Mayan Love, Very Hot, Bright red, heart shaped fruit, about ½” long,

one of the world’s hottest peppers, grows 2-4 feet tall, Very productive. Originally grown in the Mayans of Guatemala.

DeArbol, Very hot. Called the tree chile grows up to 3 feet. Long and thin peppers. Thin flesh matures from green to red. Ripens mid-season. Great for drying. From Mexico.

Habañero, Orange Very hot. One of the hottest peppers. Lantern-shaped bright yellow-orange fruit. Wonderfully aromatic with fruit flavor.

Habañero, Caribbean Red Very hot. One of the hottest peppers. Similar to other habañeros, but ripens to a brilliant red.

Habañero, Chocolate Very hot. One of the hottest peppers. Similar to other habañeros, but ripens to a chocolate brown.

Habañero, White, Very Hot, Creamy white with 1-2” pods, late maturing. From Yucatan.

Jalapeño, Early Hot. Jalapeño flavor, but bears earlier—60–65 days, as opposed to about 90.

Jalapeño “M” Mild. Jalapeño flavor, but without the heat.

Jamaican Scotch Bonnet, Extremely Hot, Produces good yields of 1 ½” long and 1 ½” wide peppers, turn green to yellow to golden yellow when ripe. From Jamaica.

Lantern, Very hot, Matures green to bright orange, shiny pointed fruits resemble toy tops, 18-24” tall, late season. From Peru.

Kung Pao Mildly hot. Fairly new hybrid. 6-9″ long, skinny, dark red pepper similar in appearance to the cayenne. Great flavor, often used in Thai and other Southeast Asian cuisines. Plants are fast-growing and vigorous.

Lemon Drop Very Hot. Citrus-flavored heirloom pepper is a popular seasoning in Peru , its country of origin. Bright yellow, crinkled, cone-shaped fruits are about 2-½” long and ½” wide, with very few seeds. Dense plants grow to about 2 ft. high and wide, and are covered with neon-bright fruits.

Pasilla Mildly hot. “Pasilla” means “little raisin” in Spanish and refers to the wrinkled, deep brown dried pods and raisin like aroma of this flavorful chile. The elongated, cylindrical pods measure 6 – 8″ long x 1″ wide. Delicious either fresh or dried, the beautiful fruits mature to dark chocolate brown. When used fresh, Pasillas are called Chilacas and add a rich flavor to enchiladas and chile sauces, soups, and stews.

Pequin Very Hot. Prolific producer of pendant fruits. Bushy plants are covered with numerous pointy fruits.

Purple Mayan Hot. This ornamental plant has dark purple leaves, flowers and fruit. The small cone-shaped peppers ripen to a brilliant red.

Scotch Bonnet Very hot. A type of habañero, considered the hottest pepper in the world. Words such as ‘blistering’ and ‘incendiary’ are used to describe it. The Scotch Bonnet is sweeter and a little less hot than other habañeros, but still extremely hot. The flavor is citrusy and fruity. Great for salsa.

Serrano Very hot. In Mexico, one of the primary sauce and pickling peppers. Shaped like a smaller jalapeño, with thin walls, and ripens from dark green to red. Distinctive flavor. Slightly hairy leaves that droop at night.

Tabasco Very hot. Native to the Tabasco state in Mexico, this pepper is famous for its use in the sauce bearing its name. The small, thin peppers are also quite ornamental as they ripen from yellow to orange to bright red.

Tepin Very hot. A perennial, wild, bird’s eye pepper of unique flavor. Fruits are bright red, small and round. Plants fruit best in second year and should be brought indoors to over winter.

Thai Bangkok Upright. Hottest of the Thai peppers. Great in containers. Heavy yields of 2-inch long hot peppers. Grows to height of 3 feet. Turns green to purple. Variety from Thailand.

Thai Long, Rare and delicious variety, gives heat to delicious Thai curries, Perfect for growing in containers, light green fruit, 6” long with tapered and pointed shape, Great for grilling and frying. Very popular in Thailand.

Tobago, Hot. Very flavorful. Hot, smoky, citrus flavor—more than habañero! Very productive.

Trinidad, Hot. Ripens to orange/yellow. Pendant, slightly folded fruits, sweet and fruity taste.

Yatsafusa, Very hot. From Japan. Long multi-branched plant with tight clusters of long, thin, erect fruits that ripen from light green to dark red. Leave fruit on stems, harvest after pods dry (remove leaves and hang by branch). Can also be grown as indoor house plant.

Sweet to Warm Peppers

Anaheim Chili Medium hot. One of the most popular chili peppers. Medium thick dark green flesh, ripening to bright red. Continuous bearing, high yielding, vigorous, 24 to 30″ plants are bushy and upright.

Aruba, Produces Sweet Bell peppers 7 ½” long, Turns from lime green to orange to red. Excellent for stir frys, salads and gourmet dishes.

California Wonder Bell . Good all-purpose bell pepper. Sweet and juicy. Productive and disease resistant. Starts green, ripens to bright crimson red. A favorite since its release in 1928. The best nematode-resistant bell for home gardeners.

Cherry Sweet, Sweet cherry type 1 ½”- 2” long, very thick flesh, matures green to red. 18-24” tall. Mid-season.

Gourmet Orange bell. Medium-large, blocky fruits are easy to grow under a wide variety of conditions. Strong compact plants set plentiful fruits without crowding. Gourmet is a colorful salad pepper with sweet, thick-walled flesh.

Islander, Thick fleshed. Mild lightly sweet fruit ripens through showy stages of colors: violet, yellow, orange and finally dark rich red. Great in salsa!

Italia Sweet. Similar to Corno di Toro. Long, tapered fruits ripen from green to dark crimson. Wonderful sweet taste. Great in pasta sauces or stir fries.

Italian Gourmet Sweet. Heirloom Italian pepper with flavor plus F1 hybrid vigor. Sweet and spicy dark green fruits with thin skin.

Jimmy Nardello Sweet. Heirloom pepper. Long, 8–10″, thin peppers with a tapered shape. Red when ripe with shiny, wrinkled skin. Considered the sweetest non-bell pepper.

Marconi Purple, Sweet Italian Cubanelle, 6-8 inches long, medium thick flesh, matures green to blackish purple to red, 18-24” tall, Perfect for roasting, frying and stir frying. From Italy.

Pizza, Mild jalapeno. Enough flavor, but won’t burn your mouth off. Stunning shape and smooth skin, thick fruit. Bright red color.

Red Belgian, Very sweet. Popular for its early ripe fruits and high yields. Fruit starts out pale yellow, then slowly turns red. Wedge shaped, 3 ½”. Family heirloom from Belgium.

Red Cherry Sweet. 1½” round fruits with a slight taper; ripens from deep green to red and have medium-thick walls. Use in salads and for pickling.

Red Night, Sweet. Compact plant. Great for containers. Green to red.

Spanish Spice, Spicy but not hot. Hybrid thin walled 7” by 1 ½” tapered dark green peppers that turn red. 24-30” high. This is a plant that keeps on producing. Grill whole or excellent stuffed.

Sunray, Blocky yellow bells with sweet fruit taste. Strong plants with good yield. Green to gold. Perfect for salsa, salads and roasting.

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