Tender & Mild Eggplant

Black Beauty. One of the most widely grown eggplants for its nice taste and culinary attributes. Introduced in 1910, this eggplant is the standard purple eggplant that grows to a large size and a long harvest in the garden.

Ichiban. Japanese variety, early, foot long, thin cylinder shaped; dark purple fruit.

Louisiana Long Green. Long slender light green heirloom with a mild flavor. Grows to about 9″.

Orient Express, Slender 8-10″, glossy black fruits in the long Oriental style. Ready up to 2 weeks before other varieties. Tender and delicately flavored.

Rosa Bianca. Heirloom. Chunky teardrop-shaped fruit with rosy lavender shadings on a white background. Mild flavor with no bitterness.

Thai Long Purple. Heirloom eggplant from Thailand produces long, purple fruits about 14″ long and 2″ across. Oriental eggplants are native to tropical Asia and are very popular in Japan , China , India , Thailand and the Philippines . Eggplants are used in many ways in the Orient; Tempura and pickling by Japanese, stir-fry and boiling by Chinese, stuffing and baking by Indian and Vietnamese. Oriental eggplants are sweet and delicious, that are cooked without peeling or salting.

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