V.conuta / Perennial or reseeding Annual

Violas resemble tiny pansies, and come in an array of colors, from white, yellow, pink, purple and blue to black. They are very cold hardy here, and provide wonderful color from winter to late spring. Most varieties remain fairly compact, but some, like the Johnny-Jump-Ups, tend to move about a bit, reseeding as they go…Flowers are edible and fragrant, making them wonderful for small-scale flower arrangements, providing decoration to desserts, drinks, or salads.

Alpine Summer
Open pollinated variety. Comes in a mix of bright colors.

Baby Lucia
Longest-blooming variety here. Wonderful mid-shade of blue with delicate yellow eyes. Great in hanging baskets or borders.

Bowles Black
Self-seeding with midnight blue/maroon/black flowers with yellow eyes. Good for edging, pots or borders.